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 Military Foster Program
Proudly supporting our military and their beloved pets

Available year round holidays and weekends

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Service area includes Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Redmond, Renton Highlands and Sammamish.  Seattle and other locations  are considered on a case by case basis with fees determined by distance, tolls and travel time.

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PET Sitting / PET Boarding / HOUSE Sitting / PET Taxi / Special Services   
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Amenable to your last minute schedule changes

I am never overbooked so that I remain flexible for my valued clients * Visits are approximate * Focus is on your pet not the clock


Regular visits (about 30 minutes each)

  • 1 visit/day ****$18.00****

  • 2 visits/day  $34

  • 3 visits/day  $50

Extended Visits (about 60 minutes each)

  • 1 visit/day   $30           average   $15/visit savings of $ 6

  • 2 visits/day $52           average   $13/visit savings of $20

  • 3 visits/day $72           average   $12/visit savings of $36

Number of animals is flexible depending on the level or complexity of their needs.  You know your pets better than anyone so please book the appropriate amount of time it will take to properly care for their needs

**** I have a strong belief that most people who seek high quality care for their pets are honest and trustworthy.  My experience so far has confirmed this belief and thus allows more flexibility with time and fees based on the honor system.    A petsitter should spend no less than 30 minutes with your pet while you are gone, not just for taking care of basic needs but for giving a little extra love and attention and to make them feel special when you can't be with them.  "Short visits" at a discounted rate just isn't in the best interest of your pet so I do not offer a quick "in and out" service.  My own conscience wouldn't allow it and in the end I would be charging for a "short visit" while still spending a full 30 minutes or more with your pet.   So whether it's the client or the petsitter who benefits by making more or paying less, your pet will never be short changed.  At least not while in MY care.

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  • $18 per visit$ 9 each increment of time for cleaning cages, etc. (about 15 min)

or FREE feeding and watering if requested during a paid cat visit

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LITTLE CRITTERS (guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, etc.  Other acceptable pets would include fish, turtles and similar water loving amphibian and reptile type critters)

  • $ 11.00/day for one cage/tank/habitat or

  • $ 15.00/day for 2 or more additional cage/tank/habitats


In what I consider to be a highly specialized field requiring a special set of skills, ferret care takes on a life of its own.  This is one of my specialties and one I keep affordable.  If you want to know more about this service or make reservations, please go to Little Dudes Ferret Camp or send me your questions.

BIRDS  - Boarding service not available

As with ferrets, birds fall into a category of pets that require specialized care.  They are also susceptible to disease that can be spread by other birds and I have chosen not to expose them to the risk and do not offer overnight care.   However, I DO love them very much, have large bird experience (African Grey size) and would love to care for them in your home.

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  water plants * raise/lower window blinds * bring in mail * rotate lights * take out trash 
 feed birds/squirrels/raccoons

FREE during paid pet visits.  Rates apply if requested as a separate service. 

See Housesitting contract for list of services.  Not on the list?  Let's add it!

  • $18.00/visit

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  • $18.00/Pet Taxi service (to/from the vet, groomer, pick up supplies, etc.)

Chaperone Service if necessary to stay with your pet during his visit:

  • First half hour is FREE 

  • $ 9.00/each additional 30 minutes thereafter

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  • Medication

  1. administering oral meds is INCLUDED FREE during pet visit

  2. $2.00 per injection

  3. $5.00 to administer subcutaneous fluids

  • If you are a foster home with multiple pets or have other special needs, fees are negotiable and determined on a case by case basis 

  • Don't see your service listed?  CALL ME!  I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

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THE UNCOMFORTABLE ACCOUNTING FEES These fees make me feel bad so please don't make me charge them.  Turning a love for animals into a business venture and establishing professional boundaries is not easy and it creates alot of guilt.   These type of fees are charged ONLY to reimburse for gas or other expenses incurred on your behalf in good faith.  

  • $15.00 Consultation/Key Pick-Up Fee.  Fee WAIVED when you schedule a booking.  Blame the rising cost of gas and other cost of living expenses for this one!  Traveling around the city to meet with potential clients free of charge would quickly end my petsitting career.

  • $15.00 Key Drop-Off Fee (only if I have to make a separate trip for that purpose or due to cancellation)

  • $10.00 Cancellation Fee.  Last minute or if key has already been picked up.  A key drop-off fee may also apply.

  • $25.00 Returned Check Fee

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  • 10% Senior discount (65 and older)

  • 10% Long term boarding discount (over 30 days)

  • 10% for regular clients requiring ongoing scheduled daily or weekly service (6 months or more)

  • Sliding scale for low income or others affected by the economy.  Please be honest and respectful so that I can continue to provide this service to the community.  ALL pets deserve good care regardless of income level.


Happy with my service?  Recommend me to a friend and get one free visit.  Tell them to mention your name when they make a reservation and it's done.  You decide when you want to use it.

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DISCLAIMER The above fees are a general guideline and may be changed without notice. I will try to keep you informed but it is ultimately your responsibility to check Little Dudes Critter Sitter (herein referred to as LDCS) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.                                              

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